· NFLE refresher lash course ·



NFLE is honored that you would desire to take our NFLE Refresher Classic Course. 

Chi Chi will consult with you to see what’s lacking in your previous training. She will then customize the course based on what needs to be perfected or retaught. 

You’ll bring pencil or pen and all of your tools with you, as you have already been trained. NFLE is not responsible for your kit: 


For example: 

– isolation tweezers and curved tweezers

– eye pads

– micropore tape, or whatever tape you use to secure bottom lashes

– primer

– lashes (C, D curl and any other curls that you may use)

– puffer or nanomister 

– eyelash glue

– glue rings, jade stone or whatever you use to hold the glue

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